After KTM Superduke, its time for another beast in collection : Ducati Diavel Carbon – One of my dream bike ! A 1200cc dragster that has very unique styling than other bikes with similar specs (like VMAX). Massive rear tyre is freakin’ awesome !

On Pune-Mumbai highway, I have seen Diavels many times. So when i got my eyes on its 1:12 model, quickly ordered one from and again, nice experience from them as i got the package in excellent condition with intact box corners and edges.



Box is same which Maisto uses for all 1:12 models. Thing they change everytime is the name sticker on it, and of course bike in the box 🙂

So, Its time to check out how close 1:12 model is with real bike in looks and styling.

Ducati Diavel Unboxing + Review

     First of all, Maisto’s Diavel is the replica of 2011 model of Ducati Diavel. After 2011, Ducati has made number of changes in Diavel’s headlight, exhaust pipes, etc. I hope Maisto will work on bringing the new edition model……

    Starting from front, Maisto has done a decent job with front wheel. Design is very similar to one of the variants available in real bike; only thing is that it misses the chrome part like real one. Brake disks are way too glossy which turns them a bit toy-ish. Maisto uses these same disks in their number of models; fortunately these are very matching with real bike in styling point of view. Brake calipers have ‘Brembo’ brand on them which is nice detailing. Wheel is attached with screw which is placed much inner side of plastic hub and lets wheel rotate freely. Free rotating wheels is a must characteristic if you consider this as a toy and not a collectible. Headlight has a same design as real one, but feels a little more bulged outside. A sticker of instrument guage cluster is provided by maisto which is definitely a great thing. Most of the Newray models lacks this thing. Real bike has another display on fuel tank which displays the riding mode details. Maisto has missed this sticker. Forks are connected to main body with a screw; but movement of handlebar is very restricted. Being a collector, its not a big issue for me.

         Fuel tank is intelligently designed. It has a carbon fibre look alike texture. Air intake vents on which Diavel is branded, also has a very similar texture like real bike. ‘Carbon’ text is very small and not easily visible. Under the fuel tank there is body frame. Like KTM’s orange colored frame, Ducati has provided the frame in sensational Red color. Frame is well styled from side, but we can notice its much flatter than real bike. Just like their other models, Maisto has again designed engine components very well. Most of the engine parts are visible on left side, as there is exhaust pipes on right. Here comes a beauty of this model. the loopy exhaust system which is exact replica of real bikes exhaust system. It give this bike a very muscular yet stylish and unique look. Real bikes exhausts are golden whereas this one has beige; still, an excellent work by Maisto. Brake and gear levers look out of proportion. This is unexpected from Maisto as they have done so much great work in designing other features of this bike. Out of three visible screws on right side of the bike, one is at engine, other two are in wheels.

          Just like headlights, tail light is also designed amazingly. Turn indicators lack shining looks of real bikes, but in size and shape, Maisto has designed them correctly. Like their other models, this one also has working suspension, which you will never get in Newray models. Chain and golden colored sprocket wheel is designed with excellent detailing which none of my other Maisto bikes has. At last, its devil’s massive rear tyre. Maisto uses same tyres for number of their 1:12 bikes, but its not the case here. Pirelli designs those super-wide tyres of Diavel for Ducati; Just like that Maisto has designed them specifically for this 1:12 model. It gives this devil a real dragster look.

         Finally, I would say this is the devil which is must have collectible for any bike lover.