I reviewd Maisto’s 1:12 KTM 1290 Superduke R from Amazon two months back, I was so surprised by the closeness of this model with the real bike. Attractive KTM graphics on orange-white colored metal body is the USP of this model. Maisto’s competitors Newray and Automaxx also has the same beast in their 1:12 diecast line-up. Unfortunately Automaxx model is not available in India. But Newray is ! So I decided to grab one and compare it with Maisto and find out who is closer to perfection….

So, Starting from front,

A) Front wheel :

Both Maisto and Newray has done well with wheel and disc brakes. Maisto’s brake calipers has a ‘Brembo’ branding on them which makes it closer to the real one. Newray doesn’t have this branding, but its disks look more realistic as they have bit of matte finish on them, unlike Maisto’s glossy and toyish looking disk brakes.
Maisto : 1 Newray : 1

B) Headlights :

This is where Maisto undoubtedly has a upper hand over Newray. Maisto’s headlight is much closer to real bike whereas Newrays headlight seems to last minute’s work.
Maisto : 1 Newray : 0

C) Handle bar and Information/Gauge console :


Judging this area purely depend on whether you are taking this model as a collectible or a toy. A collectors vision will admire beauty than rigidness. Newray has more rigidness than Maisto as the handle feels solid and smooth. Maisto’s handlebar feels bit fragile in comparison. As a toy, Newray will last longer than Maisto. But when it comes to beauty, Maisto has done a great job with console stickers. This makes Maisto more realistic. Adding more, Maisto model comes with reflective stickers in mirrors which is definitely a amazing thing. Empty cavities of mirrors and gauge console in Newray makes it look cheaper.
Maisto : 2 Newray : 1

D) Fuel tank :

For size and shape both manufacturers have done a decent job. Only difference is that Newray has a single piece tank whereas Maisto has a assembly of 3 parts. Fuel tank extension panel (on which KTM branding is) is a separate plastic part in Maisto which is same as a real bike. Newray has these panels as a part of fuel tank. Newray has got rigidity but lost realistic look.
Maisto : 1 Newray : 0

E) Engine Exhaust and Frame :

Engine detailing is surprisingly similar in both models. Newray has a metal exhaust pipe which is a better thing than Maisto’s plastic exhaust. Body frame of Newray has two visible screws whereas Maisto has only one.
Maisto : 1 Newray : 2

F) Rear Suspension :

Like all the 1:12 models of Maisto this one also has working rear suspension. Newray has rigid white spring which visually is a suspension but not a working one.
Maisto : 1 Newray : 0

G) Rear wheel and Swingarm :

Both models have similar rear wheels and are equally closer to the real bike. Again, rear disc brakes are more realistic in Newray with their matte finish than glossy Maisto’s. But rear sprocket wheel is lacking detailing. Maisto has more realistic look as sprocket wheel is black colored and chain is silver colored (though they both are a single part).
Maisto : 1 Newray : 1

H) Overall Proportion :

Newray’s model looks bit shorter at rear end. You can see that rear seat level is much below than fuel tank. Even Maisto’s styling is also not as agressive as real one, but it is much closer to it than Newray.
Maisto :1 Newray : 0


Both the manufacturers has done a decent job to replicate this 1290cc monster. Newray has got rigidity whereas Maisto has got Beauty and realistic look. As I am a collector, my winner is Maisto with 9 points. Newray has got 5 points.

Newray is a long lasting toy but Maisto is beautiful collectible.