KTM’s Duke series is probably the most famous naked bike range. After 390 & 690, its time for 1290cc beast ! its a definitely ‘Super’ naked bike and that is why KTM has named it ‘Superduke’. Diavel, Vmax also has similar powerful engines; but those bikes are mostly in dragster\muscle category. It would be precise to say that Superduke is a most powerful naked bike.

As on date Superduke is not available in Indian market, BUT, its there in 1:12 diecast models range ! 😉 So I ordered this one as first bike of collection.

I will appreciate Hobbytoys and Amazon.in for delivering this model in pretty well condition, unlike some of my other models which have their boxes damaged during transport. Due to decent packing, none of the box edges were crushed.

I really like these window boxes that Maisto provides. You can see and feel the 3D bike without opening the box. Front side has a large size window that is connected to top face of the box. Rear side of the box also bears a window. Maisto has not provided any image of the bike on the box so that same boxes can be used for any models. (Front side has a name of bike which is a sticker !)

Inside the box, We get thermoset plastic mold inside which bike is placed very precisely. This is better packing technique than Newray (as Newray models are tied to a cardboard with cable ties and difficult to unbox as it might harm the model itself). Also, this makes it easy to box and unbox in case you want to transport them.

KTM Superduke Unboxing + Review

– Maisto has worked really well in replicating this bike, as we can see in above image its closeness to the real bike.
– Exhausts, wheels, fuel tank, info\gauge console has been exactly replicated from real bike.
– Engine components are not as dense as real bike, but considering the replica is scaled 1:12, it is pretty decent job.
– Rear suspension spring is black instead of white, but good thing is that it is functional. This is USP in Maisto’s 1:12 range and their close competitor Newray doesn’t provides it.
– Chain drive in scaled model is bit bulkier than a real one but it is necessity of design as thinner plastic will not be able to withstand, specially when it is used as toy instead of collectible. Good thing is that chain is silver colored though it is same piece with sprocket wheel.
– On rearmost body panel, we have ‘1290’ graphics same as real bike but it is not easily visible from side like the real one. we have to tilt bike to see that.
– Body frame of scaled model looks a bit thicker, but in overall proportion, Maisto has achieved satisfactory amount of perfection and has created a fantastic collectible.

That’s all, folks !